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"Of Beast and Beauty" One More Day!

In honor of ONE MORE DAY! until "Of Beast and Beauty" hits shelves, I give you...

A couple of new review snippets:

"My God, man. What an incredible story...Jay has done daring, beautiful things with [Of Beast and Beauty] that make it one of those unparalleled stories you have a hard time expressing your gratitude for...It is undoubtedly one of my favorites of this year." -Paranormal Indulgence Blog.

Read full review here: http://www.paranormalindulgence.net/2013/07/reaction-to-of-beast-and-beauty-by.html

"Stacey Jay completely blew me away with the rich, colorful world in Of Beast and Beauty. Gem and Irsa have taken seats upon my favorite couples AND characters lists! This one is not to be missed!" -5 Stilettos from The Bookish Brunette

Read the full review here: http://www.bookish-brunette.com/book-review-of-beast-and-beauty-by-stacey-jay/

A link to the "Of Beast and Beauty" Pinterest board (where you can see pictures such as the one below by liga-marta over on deviant art):


A gentle reminder that you have until August 8th to order your signed copy of OF BEAST AND BEAUTY from Hicklebee's in San Jose and get a free, limited edition black rose charm necklace with purchase. (I just finished assembling the necklaces with my own two little hands--and the help of my husband's larger hands, and my friend, Jenny's, similarly sized hands--and they look great.)

Click here to be whisked away to the Hicklebee's site to place your order: http://hicklebees.com/event/stacey-jay-august-8
I'll be back (briefly) tomorrow for a release day check in.

Thanks to everyone who has read and early reviewed. "Of Beast and Beauty" and I appreciate you.